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Prototyping and collaboration in AR/VR for teams & individuals. 

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Upload and manage both 2D and 3D assets. Torch makes sure your assets work across any device.



Design in 3D.

Build prototypes directly in AR or VR, the way your users will experience it.




Share prototypes with anyone on any device. Work on projects collaboratively. Collect feedback in real-time.



Torch (re)invents a new paradigm that makes the creative process in 3D completely easy, free, fluid, and seriously pain-free. I’m excited to see how this system will change the way we think about 2D/3D and even how we approach our work.
— Natasha Jen, Partner - Pentagram

Torch has been great in lighting the way to understand how to work in this new paradigm of experience. As designers we see a land of opportunity where few interaction patterns have been defined, but also a drought where no professional 3D prototyping tools exist.
— Sam Brewton, Experience Designer - R/GA

Speed of learning and iteration are critical components to designing high quality AR-Native applications. Torch has significantly removed the friction designers encounter when prototyping in 3D.
— Matt Miesnieks, CEO - 6D.ai

We’re excited by what we’ve seen from Torch and believe the tools they are creating for 3D interactive experiences will make designers lives a whole lot easier, experiences better for consumers, thus a major impact on this space overall.
— Kyle Banuelos, CEO - DotDotDash

Designers want to spend their time and energy creating the next generation of experiences, not learning how to program game engines. Torch is an elegant way to wiggle around the steep learning curve to start prototyping now.
— Alysha Naples, Chief Experience Officer - Tin Drum



Paul Reynolds
Co-founder, CEO



Tera Hatfield
Design Director



Josh Faust
Co-founder, CTO



Adam Michel
Web Developer



Tony Falco
Co-founder, Ops



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